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Welcome to this writer's corner where you have the opportunity to enter into discussions with published as well as unpublished authors. This is the place to share writing experiences; the glitches; the walls, the failures; & the successes. Sharing could mean that "one man's glitch is another man's gain. This is also the place where a writer can introduce his work & can establish his name with other authors. Still in the design phase, WanaB Writers plans on developing a Forum & linking it to its own website. Sign in as an author, in order to be able to open new topics & enjoy the effect that support & encouragement will bring.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

TLFB Thank the Lord For Brian

It has been a busy week. While I am working with the Tate Publishing Marketing Rep., Brian has gotten the www.wanabwriters.com website up & running.  He sends me tutorials so that I can add text to the site, but
setting up a list of contacts & deciding how to get the book in circulation has occupied my spare time.  At least, I have verification that the book has been printed & I will receive a shipment in about 4 weeks.  I found a neat blog on www.news.Yahoo.com.  Funny how it fits the title of my book - "U.S. sitting on 'mother lode' of rare minerals. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

WanaB Writers

WanaB Writers

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting started

I didn't realize how much work it was to take a great idea & put the right words to it.
Inspiration is the necessary ingredient. It is the hardest of all to grasp when trying to describe concepts or trying to convey a story or portray an event. After I thought that I had finally gotten it right, I wanted to get my book published. Instead of spinning my wheels trying to get the attention of a publishing company, I decided to take the manuscript to a publisher who would help me self-publish. WIN SOME LOSE SOME will be released by July 2010. It was such a good experience that I hope to share with other writers who find themselves with unpublished manuscripts. Other writers, who have had different experiences with the publication process are invited to share the who, what, where, why, & how with the rest of us.